Boats on the River

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Sail boarding and barges

RV's on the river

Old Washington Ferry

Old Washington Ferry

Sail boarding and barges 9/12/1999

RV's on the river 460mm 9/18/2000

Old Washington Ferry. The old and the new. Tug boat Jean Marie. 9/2/1996

Old Washington Ferry the last week of commerical ferry operation on the Tennessee River. 518mm 9/2/1996

Toni & Donna

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Toni & Donna - 79 ft. home port Nassau Bahamas 7/17/1995

Blythe Ferry 500mm 5/29/1995

Mississippi Queen 460mm 9/16/2000

Avante' III- 116ft. home port Panama City, FL In the TN River Gorge 9/25/1999

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Casey Keasler at sunset 9/11/1999

Sudie's Patio port  of Opossum Creek, TN Delta Queen 460mm 8/22/2000

Goofy home port Sale Creek, TN 8/15/1999

Christmas High and dry.   "The Second Lady" in an aborted rescue attempt at 595mm J & J's Toy 8/8/1999
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Nirvana home port of Salne, MI 9/14/1999 Oh Son! Dr. Robert Nemo home port Oswego, NY 7/15/1995