Wheeler Lake


Elevation 556 feet at Normal Pool

(Minimum 9 foot depth)












349   Go Upstream to Guntersville Lake      
349.0   Guntersville Dam & Lock Chart 51 256-582-3263 24 Hour Operation, Main Lock 600' x 110' Auxiliary Lock 400' x 60'
345     Chart 50    
338     Chart 49    
334.0R   Madison County Boat Harbor   256-881-0512 Gas, Snacks, Ramp, Dry Storage
333.6R   Ditto Landing Marina   256-883-9420 Gas, Snacks, Overnight, Camping, Ramp, Dry Storage
329     Chart 48    
324.0R   Redstone Arsenal     Government Use Only
320.9R   Triana Landing Chart 47   Ramp
316.9L   Public Access Area     Ramp
313     Chart 46    
308.3L   Point Mallard Park     Wave Pool, Golf, Camping, Ice Skating, No River Services
307     Chart 45    
305.0R   Decatur Harbor   256-351-7782 Gas, Overnight, Lodging Near, Ramp
303.7L   Brickyard Marina     Gas, Snacks, Overnight, Lodging Near, Dry Storage
302.8L   Jay Landings Marina   256-350-4722 Gas, Overnight, RV, Internet, Laundry, Repairs 25T Lift, Ramp, Dry Storage
300     Chart 44    
294.8L   Mallard Creek Boat Dock   256-637-8840 Gas, Snacks, Camping, Ramp
294     Chart 43    
289     Chart 42    
286.8L   Bay Hill Marina   256-729-1322 Gas, Restaurant, Groceries, Overnight, Lodging, Ramp
286.0R   Limestone County Park     Ramp
286.0L   Lawrence County Park     Ramp
284.5R   Elk River      
  5.0R Roadside Park Chart 98   Ramp, Restrooms
  5.0L Elk River Lodge State Park   256-729-8228 Snacks, Overnight, Ramp
  14.7R Elk River Mills Dock Chart 99   Gas, Restaurant, Groceries, Ramp
  14.7R Sportsman's Park   256-232-3293 Gas, Groceries
283.3L   Spring Creek      
  1.8R Spring Creek     Camping, Ramp
281.5     Chart 41    
277.0R   First Creek Chart 97    
  0.6L General Joe Wheeler State Park Marina   256-247-5461 Gas, Restaurant, Groceries, Overnight, Lodging, Golf, Ramp
275.2R   Second Creek      
  2.5L Second Creek     Ramp
275.2L   Joe Wheeler State Park      
274.9   Wheeler Dam & Lock   256-247-3311 24 Hour Operation, Main Lock 600' x 110' Auxiliary Lock 400' x 60'
    Go Downstream to Wilson Lake Chart 41